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“UNIABROAD is a technology driven student recruitment company for international universities managed by international education experts”

Frequently Asked Questions

UNIPREP is an adaptive learning platform designed to assist students for their pre-requisite preparation in study abroad journey. This platform provides a wide range of products in multiple variants to students according to their specific interest and requirement.
UNIPREP offers student friendly course structure with minimal cost comparatively. The platform is designed with various modules such as Lesson, Exercise, Quiz, Sectional Test, Practice Test, Mock Test, Live class, and Class Recordings. With so much content to offer to student at very low cost, makes it unique.
UNIPREP offers multiple live class session in a day for students to make it more convenient. However, all the class recordings are also available to student for revision.
UNIPREP is committed to provide the full-length course with revision support. Hence, each course on UNIPREP has validity of 90 days.
UNIPREP offers IELTS(Academic/General), Duo-Lingo, Learn English Online, GRE, SAT, PTE, and French language class. These courses are available in different variant and multiple features. Upcoming courses to portal are GMAT, TOEFL, and German language class.
UNIPREP provides full support in preparation of pre-requisites. However, we also assist student in test/exam bookings. UNIPREP or its representatives does not charge student for any assistance. We promise to guide student on each step during their preparation or test/exam booking.
For every UNIABROAD registered student, UNIPREP offers a course available on platform free of cost. However, if the student choose to select any extra feature of course, they will pay the basic cost to avail the facility. For more details, contact UNIABROAD.
UNIPREP is an exclusive learning platform designed and developed by UNIABROAD to help the student prepare for their desired course.
To register for UNIPREP, please visit
For every UNIABROAD registered student, UNIPREP offers one course free of cost. If a student wish to go for more than one course, it is advisable to contact UNIPREP representative or UNIABROAD.
The live class timing on UNIPREP is fixed and allotted according to students’ convenience. The student will be notified in advance in case of any change in class timing.
For any issue, query or assistance, kindly contact