Pearson Test of English

PTE is trusted by universities, colleges and governments around the world. It is the most unbiased proof of a candidate’s English skills. When you take the PTE test, what you say is graded by AI(Artificial Intelligence) against thousands of previous responses. What this means is that you are graded only on what you say. PTE offers all test takers incredible flexibility. PTE gives you the freedom to send your score to organizations as many as you like, without any additional fee.
UNIPREP’s PTE course prepares the student in a easy way. Out of numerous benefits, few are listed below:
18 Grammar Topics to study
Vocabulary Practice with Words & Phrasal Verbs
Special Video lessons for Vocabulary, Alphabets and Spelling
175+ Grammar Quiz questions
140+ Grammar Practice Exercise
2 Live Classes/day
Live Class covering all topic
2 doubt class every Saturday
Topic wise doubt clarification